The AI-Powered Contract Analytics Cloud

Know exactly what's in your contracts without having to read them one at a time.

Stop wasting time manually reviewing contracts.

Our analysis technology automatically parses text from your contracts to identify key data, content, and liabilities. Save money by eliminating manual reviews and have LinkSquares do the heavy lifting.

Automated analysis

Our technology auto-detects important keywords from your contracts, even when it seems impossible. Extract data like effective dates, auto renewals, and more.

Powerful text search

Search all contracts, even scanned PDF's, by specific keyword, phrase, wildcard, or multi-query.

Cloud storage

Store all of your legal documents in a single, secure cloud-based application.


Easily turn search results into reports to share across the entire organization. Just one click!


Need to track key dates or obligations? We’ve got you covered with an email reminder when the time comes.

We can help you to stop reading contracts one at a time.

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Early explosive growth left DraftKings with their contracts in a disorganized shared drive that was bogging down investor due diligence.

DraftKings customer story


LinkSquares streamlined contract management and due diligence for Kensho's $550 million acquisition by S&P Global.

Kensho customer story


Carbonite's team was spending hundreds of hours manually searching a shared drive with thousands of unorganized documents from a series of mergers and acquisitions.

Carbonite customer story

We did the research so you don't have to.

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